Monday, November 16, 2009

Single Hop APA and WTF Saison

I am in love with the happy accident which was My last Saison. The Wyeast Saison yeast gave out at about 1.022 and it remained in Primary for almost 6 months. While in primary it picked up a pleasant sour character, that despite many veteran brewer's warnings, has only got better with age. While I know this can not be duplicated, I still have a thirst to brew Saisons as they are fast becoming one of my favorite styles. There is a lot of freedom one can take with a Saison, while it might not meet BJCP standards, they are all unique and delicious.

This particular Saison is a play on the previous recipe. I have cut back the amount of Rye, subbing Grains Of Paradise for a more subtle spiciness. Going to keep the early additions Hallertau but the late additions are going to be some peachy citrusy Amarillo hops. I want to avoid the long wait to get this one to finish out. So I am going to start with the Wyeast Saison, after three days I am going to hit it with Wyeast Trappist High Gravity to dry it out. Thinking of setting aside some unfermented wort and aerating it heavily. Creating a super started for the finishing yeast. Anyone with yeast mixing experience, please chime in!

Today I am brewing a simple single hop APA with Simcoe. I really love this hop and want to get a good grasp on its profile. I want to give a shout out to the folks at Brew And Grow for helping me with a Carpils sub today but also for letting me know you read the blog, THANKS!! You should always support your local home brew shop.