Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Elysian - Seattle

Recently I had the opportunity to travel to Seattle. Breaking away from my co-workers for the night, I rode the bus downtown to check out Elysian Brewing Company's Capitol Hill Location. Seattle itself is such a contrast to the Chicago. Rolling hills , streets that actually curve but what stood out most of all was the easy going and friendly nature of the general public. It was a great get away from the often hectic pace I have at home.

I ordered two sampler's. One with year round brews and the other with seasonal selection. The beers that really spoke to me where the Jasmine IPA and Bete Blanche Tripel. The Jasmine IPA had pleasant jasmine aroma that mingled well with the hops. In mouth and taste it seemed to be more of a wit than an IPA. The Bete Blanche was just a great example of a Tripel. The overall theme I got from every beer I sampled was balance, nothing was loud or out of place. Elysian will definitely be on all my future Seattle itinerary's. On my was out I picked up two bombers of the Perseus Porter and Immortal IPA for the LOW price of $3.00 each! They made the trip back but have been overshadowed by the Oskar Blues cans and Stone bombers that made it into my luggage.

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