Monday, May 17, 2010

Iron Brewer Competition

Looks like I have the opportunity to participate in another unique Home Brew competition. Many of my Home Brewing peers are involved and its always interesting to see what recipes they concoct.


After a hugely successful Simply Beer Brew-off, I’ve decided to spin the brewoff into its own event, IRON BREWER! Similar concept, but like the Iron Man Triathlon which features 3 unique events combined into 1 competition. The concept is simple, there will be 3 unique ingredients and you’ll need to combine them into a a one of a kind, unique, and most importantly delicious homebrew.

Does this interest you? If your a homebrewer, it should. It is a heck of a lot of fun, just ask the folks who did the Simply Beer Brewoff.

Leave a comment below if you want to participate!

The Rules!

The rules are simple but must be followed.

3 required ingredients, All the ingredients must be used in some manor in the brewing process and completed in 8 weeks from the announced start date
6 competitors per round and you must send at least 2 12oz beers to each of the other competitors and to Iron Brewer Organizer (Peter Kennedy of Simply Beer).
Agree to have your recipe published on Iron Iron Brewer is not taking the rights to your recipe, but sharing it with other homebrewers. All recipes will be published.
Participate in a wrap up Skype podcast with all the other competitors.
The honor system is in place here. This competition is meant to spur creativity, collaboration, and community with other homebrewers.
The Winner!

If there are rules and a competition, there must be a winner. The winner will be determined by the participants in the round and Peter Kennedy. The winner will be the one who made the best use of ingredients to create the best tasting beer. As of now there is only bragging rights for the winner, but I’m working on a small prize package for the winner.

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