Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Deep Recipe Calculator for Your iPhone

I have had Brew Pal on my iPhone for a few weeks now but really had not had a chance to put it to use. I did not think you could get a terrible amount of functionality for .99 cents. I use a similar software on my iMac, which is great, I can have this with me when inspiration hits or to take advantage of downtime. It will export the recipe to any email address and can also save on the iPhone. It will calculate basic gain/hop/yeast recipes with adjunct promised on a future update. Calculate for mash infusion temps and water volumes. BJCP style guidelines and many more small helpful tools. So to take it through the real test, I am going to write a basic pale ale recipe and brew it using only this application. Sounds like a fun excuse to make some beer, right!

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Mek Opolis said...

Looks Interesting :)