Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Rye Pale Ale Recipe

Style: American Pale Ale
Batch Size: 5.5
Boil: 60 min
Efficiency: 70% (first time with the rye)
OG: 1.056
FG: 1.014
IBU: 53 (but I am First Wort Hopping, so maybe 45)
SRM: 12
ABV: 5.6%

8 lbs 2-Row 63.4%
2 lbs 8 oz Rye 19.8%
1 lb Carapils 7.9%
8 oz Crystal 40L 4%
8 oz Rice Hulls 4%
2 oz Black Malt 1%

.75 oz Cascade FWH
.50 oz Magnum 60 min
.50 oz Cascade 15 min
.50 oz Cascade 5 min
1 oz Cascade Flame Out
1 oz Cascade Dry 5 days before bottling

Mash at 152F for 60 minutes 1.25qt to lb of grain
Spike Mash according to your water chemistry to control PH

I wanted to keep this recipe as straight forward as possible. The 2 oz of 540SRM black malt is strictly for color. It should not impart much flavor. Originally I wanted to have spicy Saaz and spicy/citrusy Cascade fight it out in the aroma department. I could not get Saaz in time, so it looks like it will be a single hop in aroma/flavor realm. Which I am OK with, I am interested to see how the rye flavor goes with Cascade blast. I know I am heavy handed with the hops, thats how I get down, you can lower the IBU to your tastes. I also figured that the rye would absorb .30 gal of water per lb and figured that into my water volumes. Finally, I did not want to make this one too boozey, keep it drinkable.

As always, any experienced criticism will be taken seriously. Thanks!


Joseph Lemnah said...

Everything looks great. Just don't calculate the rice hulls into the grist bill since they contribute zero extract. They are just used as a runoff aid as you know. Happy Brewing.

Slovak Brewer said...

right, thank you for bringing that to my attention. They do absorb water, so i try to keep my water volumes as spot on as possible.

Blake J said...

Some stuff I have read says that the FWH can increase IBU's, and the recipe seems to imply that they will be less because of the FWH. I am interested in the technique and was wondering if you had more definitive info on the subject.

Slovak Brewer said...

Blake, most people account for 10% IBU. My brewing software treats it like a 90 minute addition, Adding 17 IBUS to this recipe. I know that is not the case, so I estimate. I FWH all my IPA's cause I believe it gives a more solid hop flavor.

Blake Jarolim said...

That totally makes sense now. I didn't know it was figured as a 90 minute edition, which would obviously over figure IBU"s. Thanks for the clarification.

Slovak Brewer said...

Blake, checked out your blog. Lookes like you have been breaking in that kettle!

Blake Jarolim said...

Some of them are test batches and whimsical experiments, but I try not to make friends with empty fermenters.

Blake Jarolim said...

Did you end up bottling or kegging the RyePA?

Slovak Brewer said...

I am bottling it on Friday. Still have not got that blasted Keg set up.

Blake Jarolim said...

I think I missed what kind of yeast you used and how big of a starter you had?

greg said...

Nice looking recipe. I'm planning on putting a recipe together to give Rye a shot. Couple questions:
Now that all is said and done, how did it work out? Would you stick with the 2oz black malt? Anything else you would change if you had to do it again?