Thursday, May 7, 2009


I have had this IIPA sitting in the on deck circle for awhile, Maibock is finally bottled up and out of the fridge (and quite malty/boozy on first sampling), things are warming up outside and in the apartment.. what does this all mean? I can finally regulate fermentation temperature again. Which is great, especially when brewing an imperial style. So tomorrow I was planning on making a BIG malty British ale but instead will do the IIPA. Still using up the last of my 2-row, a little pilsner, honey malt, touch of chocolate malt and some white sugar to dry it out. Using up the last of my Magnum, Horizon, Summit, Cascade and Ahtanum for the hop cocktail. Keeping the fermentation temp at 68 to keep it from getting hot booze but at 9% this one will have alcohol. I will post the final recipe tonight and post lots of pictures tomorrow.

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