Monday, September 13, 2010

Milk Stout - Left Hand Milk Stout Clone

Lately I have been doing clone recipes of some of my favorite beers. It helps gain a deeper appreciation of what makes that particular beer unique and it's always fun to see how close you can get to the commercial example. I have never nailed it perfectly but it almost always adds something to my process or overall understanding. It's well into September and I have ZERO seasonal ale in the fermentor. Time to brew some Stout's, Porter's and Scotch Ales.

Milk Stout or Sweet Stout if you speak BJCP (13b), is a medium to full bodied stout which uses lactose sugar to increase mouthfeel and sweetness. Often perceived as a creamy espresso due to high percentages of roasted barley and chocolate malt. Hop bitterness is moderate and should be balanced.

Left Hand Milk Stout Clone
5.5 gal Final Volume
1.059 OG
1.013 FG
6% ABV
25 IBU
80% Efficiency
60 min Boil
White Labs 001, Wyeast 1056 or US 05 Dry
Ferment at 65F

7.5 lb Marris Otter
1 lb Caramel 60
1 lb Dark Munich
1 lb Roasted Barley
12 oz Chocolate Malt
8 oz Flaked Barley
8 oz Flaked Oats
18 oz Lactose Sugar (15 Min.)

15 g Magnum (60 min.)
28 g US Goldings (10 min.)

Mash at 152F for 60 min, raise to 165F for 15 min. Flaked Barley and Oats will aid with head retention and give a silky mouthfeel.

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jbrookeiv said...

Sounds great. Do you have a partial mash version?

Slovak Brewer said...

no, but I will do the calculations and post one for you later on today..

Hug Garden said...

raging bitch (ipa from MD) is my love, for now. i wish i knew how to brew. especially beer 8+% alcohol by volume.