Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Brewing Seasonally

Severe cold strikes again. I have been preparing a large starter for my an upcoming Maibock but the weather is not cooperating this week. Tons of snow, which is manageable but the temperature will dip into the negatives this next two days. So I was "re-upping" my yeast starter today, the slurry was dense, just begging to be pitched. Since I will be possibly delayed a week, i may split the starter into to two and make 8-10 gallons. I have room for two 5 gal carboys in my lager fridge but i doubt i could get two 6.5gal..

The reason for the pose was to really celebrate brewing for the season. This Maibock will ferment for a month and lager for 2 months. Should be ready to drink by late April or may. I get satisfaction from preparing my brew schedules to have beer ready for certain times of year or holidays. Amber's, IPA's and Wit's will need to be produced for summer quaffing, soon Saisons for later summer.. mmmm..

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