Sunday, January 18, 2009

It's that time of year!

Hopslam time!! I really look forward to this incredible Double IPA every year. Last year I had to get mine from fellow Kansas Citian NCTRNL but Bell's is back in Chicago this year. Read more about that here. This beer come in packing a hidden 10 % abv, piney citrus hops in the nose. The taste is full of piney hop resins, crystal malt and honey (not honey malt). The mouth is very dry, which lends to the extreme drinkablity of this bad boy. I hold all 2XIPA's against this one shining example of humulus lupulus bliss. My batch was bottled a little over a week ago, which is great since you want to drink IPA as fresh as possible. Hopefully all of you can pick this one up and enjoy a break from the RIS and Belgian Quads that have been keeping you warm this winter.


LC said...

Delicious. I got to try this on tap at the Flying Saucer Friday and picked up 2 six packs yesterday at Lukas Liquor at 135th & State Line. This stuff definitely lives up to the hype. The smell is almost worth the price alone. I'll be sad to it see it go. :(

Slovak Brewer said...

LC: Did you get my mail about doing some trading? I will be in KC in 3 weeks.