Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Mild out the bottle

Almost one month ago I put together an English Mild recipe as a session ale. Cracked the first bottle during my boil today. As expected, nice deep reddish brown when held to the light. Easy drinking, crisp and malty to all get out. The carbonation was kept LOW, with only an ounce of table sugar added at bottling. This is supposed to mimic the mouth feel of a hand pulled ale. The carbonation is noticeable on the tongue but fades quickly. Does not taste like a cask ale but I did not have high hopes for that. The aftertaste has a noticeable twang to it. I am not sure if its honey malt or hops. I don't mind it but could also do without it. Overall I am enjoying this beer in its youth and expect it to get better in the next week or two.

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