Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Recipe - American Stout

This is my first go at any Stout style. Stout is not my favorite style, this is due to many horrible commercial examples I have had. Lately I have been real selective in sampling and have found many examples I appreciate. This recipe is a basic stout but it the precursor to a russian imperial stout that I will brew in month. If the RIS turns out good by summer time, I will brew a second one for BMG but with a yet to be determined fruit secondary.

About 45 minutes into my mash the apartment smells incredible. Nice roasty smells about. The boil smells fantastic, more chocolate roasty aromas. My neighbor better appreciate this.

I always have issues with head retention on my dark ales. I accented the base 2 row with 1/2 pound carapil and 1 pound munich. I am hoping this will kick in a little to the body but more so the head. I know many people use flaked oats but I do not appreciate the chunky mouth feel it imparts. Recipe follows..

Basic American Stout

9 lbs 2 row
1 lbs Munich
8 oz Carapils
12 oz Roasted Barley
12 oz Chocolate Mount
8 0z Caramel 40

30 minute protein rest at 130F
60 minute sach rest at 152F
Rinse Out/Mash out at 168F

SG .048
OG .055
FG .013

.75 oz Magnum 90 Minutes
.5 oz Cascade 15 Minutes
.5 oz Cascade Flame Out

Wyeast 1056

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