Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Update.. Mild Recipe

My last IPA appears to be a huge success. I am down to 12 of 25 bombers, I have only enjoyed two myself! Selina brought some to the office, hopefully I will get feedback from her co-workers. Today I am bottling the Big Hef, I am excited to try this one!

Keeping a session ale around has been critical lately. We are running low on the Scottish session, which keeps getting maltier with age. I wish I would have let it condition for a month before putting them in the rotation. This week I am brewing up a 3% English Mild for those times when you need a low alcohol beer with FLAVOR. I am trying to keep the final gravity around 1.011/.012 by mashing at 158F and doing a 90 minute boil. Due to the low starting gravity this should be at terminal gravity at 3 days.

Fresh's Mild

SG: 1.037
FG: 1.011
ABV: 3%
IBU: 22
SRM: 16

UK Mild Ale Malt 7lb 0oz
US Caramel 120L Malt 6.00 oz
UK Pale Chocolate Malt 4.00 oz
Canadian Honey Malt (Gambrinus) 4.00 oz
UK Black Malt 2.00 oz
Mash 158 60 minutes, sparge 180

US Goldings .75 oz 5.5% alpha 60 minutes
Irish Mosss 1 t 15 Minutes

Wyeast 1028 @ 64 degrees


Brian said...

dude, your IPA is awesome! and you know I love IPAs. Have you ever thought about doing a RyeIPA or tripel IPA or something like that?

Slovak Brewer said...

I am going to rebrew that same IPA with a little more malt back bone. Selina said you nailed the hops.. Centennial with the runnings before boil. Then Cascade and Amarillos all in the last 15 minutes. Amarillo and Cascade in the secondary for 5 days.

I love the RyePA's and will do one soon.. next week is my first Barley Wine.