Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Boulevard Brewing Co. tour Pics

Forgive the iPhone photo's, I forgot the better camera. Boulevard is currently remodeling the old brew house to increase capacity of the tasting room and gift shop. In the last couple years they have undergone a 29 million dollar expansion. The old brew house was being pushed past it's limit, now the old brew house is strictly for brewing Smokestack's and test batches. The main brew house is a stainless steel beauty. They also added a new bottling line, which last time we toured was a basketball court. One thing I learned is that the new roof is a "green roof" that allows them to retain as much heat as possible. Also they use as much natural light as possible to cut down on power consumption. I know many of you Chicagoans have not had the opportunity to enjoy these fine beers due to distribution. I can only hope that Boulevard gives our region a shot in the future.

That would be BA NCTRNL enjoying a Single Wide IPA. Myself looking goofy, with Courtney and Selina.

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