Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Carbonation at last!

It's been too freaking cold in Chicago, in the interest of saving money we have been keeping the thermostat at 65 (oddly IMO the perfect fermentation temp for most ales, get a sweater). One month ago I bottles a Czech Pils and Hoppy Amber, they were not getting any carbonation. I decided to move the bottles from my closet to reside underneath the kitchen table. Last night I cracked a Pils, a nice white head was produced that stuck around in some capacity for the duration of the beer. On previous tastings I indicated that the beer was under attenuated for a pils and had some sweetness that was not to style. Now it has a clean taste, no sweetness, just a slight hoppiness and mild breadiness you would expect from the style. I can't wait to get feedback on this one. Tonight I will open an Amber and pray for the carb fairy to work her magic.

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Ted Danyluk said...

I'd like the chance to try our Pils. A style I love. I've got a number of lagers (one being a German Pils) that will be ready soon. So lets sample them sometime.