Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Two Brother's Tasting @ Brasserie Joe

If you follow me on Twitter then you had live updates from the field. It was held in a private room where we enjoyed sharing a table with some real knowledgeable Croatian Chicagoans, one of the old bartenders at Brasserie Joe and Homebrewer Brian from BMG. Each place setting had a marker for the four beers that we enjoyed. Erin, the host and "Beer Sommelier", started the evening off by introducing Jason Ebel. He explained how to properly enjoy beer from start to finish and went into detail about his recipe design for each beer without getting overly technical. One of his more interesting comments was that Beer had 4 times the flavor compounds as wine.

The night went quickly with Redy Rye "Coffee Porter" being my percy. We did get to sample the 2009 Bare Tree "Imperial Weiss" out of the conditioning tanks. It was still very flavorful even with minimal cabonation. The nose reminded me of my Imperial Wheat but the Bare Tree was more dry and complex.

Next Month Hildegard Van Ostaden, head brewer at Urthel will be the featured brewer. Two Brothers and Urthel are doing a Collab! I do enjoy the Urthel "Hop It" and can't wait to try some more offerings..

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Museman said...

Nice to be connected like that Slovak: Let me know how Urthel collab turns out. I responded to your comment on my beersmorefun blog. Thank you for visiting.