Saturday, February 7, 2009

Home Brew BIF Brew Haul

Yesterday I received my package for the Home Brew BIF. I received 5 12oz home brews and 2 Pennsylvania brews. I was very excited to try the Troegs "Nugget Nectar" Imperial Amber Ale. I just brewed a Hoppy Amber and as you all know I LOVE hop forward beers of any kind. The Nugget Nectar was bottled 01/15 , less than a month old. I shared this with several other beer fans and it got unanimous approval. Super piny hops in the nose and throughout the mouth. As to be expected. I thought there would be more of a crystal malt presence but no matter, still a fantastic beer.

The home brew I received are the first 4 batches this brewer has ever done. All extract kits, Nut Brown, Spiced Winter, American Red and Porter. I am a big fan of porter's and brown ales so this package was not disappointment. I will post my reviews if the brewer is OK with that. I will also post the results of the Home Brew i forwarded on.

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